Who can you find at the Trade show?

The exhibitors at the trade show during the 7th shellfish conference on 20 and 21 January 2022 in the Delta Park Neeltje Jans, introduces themselves to you:

Stand 1: machinefabriek Bakker/ BST oyster supplies/ Muller ropes

Machinefabriek Bakker B.V. has been designing and manufacturing special machinery and installations for the shellfish industry as early as 1924. Supplying unique installations which efficiently combine technical know-how and experience to produce and treat shellfish. We possesses the necessary know-how for the development, fabrication and implementation of installations on board fishing vessels. In close cooperation with our clients, we design and develop processing units for shellfish. Processing units, which incorporate all the advantages in performing their work efficiently and economically, depending of the local conditions. We look after the full project trajectory from concept to well considered fabrication as well as from “Turn-key” to commissioning. Our partners BST oysters and Muller ropes will be present in our booth.

BST Oyster Supplies have developed and marketed an innovative range of products that suit a new system of growing oysters, called the Adjustable Longline System.

Chr. Muller Touw bv is a producer of rope and cord for fishing, aquaculture, agriculture, livestock and industry. For aquaculture, the program consists of, among other things, longlines made of aqua steel, mussel ropes and other rope products, such as mooring lines. For aquaculture, our products are distributed by Machinefabriek Bakker from Yerseke

Stand 2: Navalu 

Navalu is a French aluminium shipbuilder based on the West coast of France in the Vendée. The company is specialised in custom-made vessels for aquaculture and marine services with a boatyard enabling production of vessels up to 33m. Navalu has a wide range of products available, from shellfish barges (can be tailored with crane, wheels, hydraulic pole etc) to mussel harvesters. The company also delivers special products like amphibious barges (for mussel or oyster farming) and amphibious rubber track « Navtrack » (for cleaning parks and/or towing trailers in muddy area).

Stand 3: Yad Marine 

YAD Marine from Carnac, France, is a major actor in the Shellfish Farming and Aquaculture Industry in Europe since 2003. In continuous research, development and innovation we offer premium and specialized equipment to optimize farming breeding systems. For many years we deliver  rubber bands, hooks, booster spacers for oyster bags and caged bags.

Stand 4: GEM Plastics 

GEM PLASTICS was founded in 1988 in Cavan, Ireland as a division of the lubricants distribution company GEM OILS. Since then, GEM PLASTICS has developed and expanded its range of blow moulded HDPE Drums, Jerricans and its services. Prominent amongst these items, is its innovative Mussel Float that’s been developed in collaboration with the Irish Mussel Farmers and The Irish Fisheries Board for use in the cultivation and harvesting of mussels. The float is made in three sizes by the extrusion blow moulded process, using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) giving it strength and guaranteeing a long working life. The premier colour of manufacture is “Grey” and helps it blend in with its natural surrounding environment.

Stand 5: poster presentation

Stand 6: Franken

Franken is manufacturer for the shellfish and crustaceans sector. We produce machines, parts and processing lines,  and provide information technology and robotics. In our booth we will show innovative devices for debyssing including the ‘vita-plus’ water bath treatment. We also present water purification technology to reduce biotoxins and improve conditioning of shellfish. We will present our portfolio for seeding, socking, harvesting, cleaning, processing, including robotics.

Stand 7: poster presentation

Stand 8: available

Stand 9: van Es verpakkingen

Van Es Packaging is the main wholesaler of packaging material for shellfish in the Netherlands and Belgium. We deliver customized prints for oysters, mussels and alike. Our baskets are also extensively used for packaging of local products, Christmas gifts and promotional gifts. Wrap your chocolate, candles, fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread, juice, beer, wine and soap in a basket of Van Es.

Stand 10: Maaskant

Maaskant once started as a repair company for winches and fishing vessels in particular; formerly in Bruinisse, now in the middle of fishery in Stellendam. The company has grown into an internationally oriented construction- and shipyard and likes to distinguish itself with innovative products and thereby focuses on sustainability, efficiency and a high level of quality. Maaskant stands for: innovation, ambition and decisiveness. The great professional knowledge and involvement of employees, customers and regular suppliers is remarkable. Good communication is important: together you can achieve great aims!  Damen Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam has been part of the Damen Group since 1984.

Stand 11: Itsaskorda

Itsaskorda was founded in the 80s in Spain, where the rope makers provide bottom trawlers. Some years ago we became one of the leader manufacturers in the aquaculture industry, thanks to revolutionary and innovative products in the sector, and to the wide range of products that were developed these last years. This improvement process has been due to  investment in specialized machinery, new production facilities, R+D collaborating with technological and research centers, and in training. As a result of this, Itsaskorda has improved both internally and externally, in quality, logistics and production.

Stand 12: JFC Marine

JFC Marine supplies a range of production solutions for the Aquaculture sector. Our pioneering mussel floats are ideal for inshore and offshore locations and are proven in the most demanding conditions. The product offering also includes Purification Tanks, Hatchery Tanks, and Shrimp Grader Trays. In addition, we supply a complete range navigation aids for the safe marking of your aquaculture farm.

Stand 13: available

Stand 14: available

Stand 15 en 16: Murre technologies

Murre Technologies is a supplier of advanced processing lines for the food-processing industry. We are renowned for our total solutions, always aiming at low maintenance costs. In addition we are very innovative when it comes to cost savings in human resources and environmental cost savings. At the shellfish conference we will present solutions for shellfish processing, from fisheries and harvesting (EasyFarm) till sorting, grading and packaging in the processing phase. We also deliver facilities for seaweed farming and processing in cooperation with AtSeaNova.

At the Murre booth the partners Optimum Sorting and Luciano Cocci will be present. EMYG will have a booth next to Murre Technologies.

Optimum Sorting offers solutions for the optical sorting of crustaceans and shellfish. For the seafood, the Focus belt sorting machine, and the TriPlus and Ventus free fall sorting machines are offered. Depending on the need, camera or laser technology is used to achieve the maximum sorting result.

Luciano Cocci is a manufacturer of various packaging machines for the shellfish processing industry. Together with Luciano Cocci, EMYG and Optimum Sorting, Murre Technologies delivers the total solution for shellfish processing

Stand 17: available

Stand 18: available

Introduction will follow soon.

Stand 19: France Naissain

Crassostrea Gigas spat & part-grown oysters producer France Naissain is committed to sustainable oyster farming. Our goal is to make sure that future generations also get the opportunity to taste quality oysters produced with passion.

Stand 20: available

Stand 21: available

Stand 22: available

Stand 23: available

Stand 24: Kramer machines / QE

Kramer Machines is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing stainless steel machines and installations for the fishing industry, the fish processing industry and the agricultural industry at home and abroad. We supply machines for storing, transporting, cleaning, sorting, weighing, cooking, cooling and packaging of fish, crustaceans and shellfish. Kramer machines will present its delivery program for shellfish processing and seed mussel collecting installations.

The Quality Equipment Group of Companies was founded in 1969 to help the local inshore commercial fishing industry and newly developing aquaculture industry.  QE rope manufacturer and supplier of rope culture farming systems will present its products and new innovations.

Stand 25: Société Atlantique de Mariculture (SATMAR)

Introduction will follow soon.