Who can you find at the Trade show?

The exhibitors at the trade show during the 7th shellfish conference on 17 and 18 March 2022 in the Delta Park Neeltje Jans, introduces themselves to you:

Stand 1: machinefabriek Bakker / Chr. Muller Touw / Donaghys

Al sinds 1924 is Machinefabriek Bakker ontwerper en constructeur van speciale machines en unieke installaties voor de schelpdiersector. Wij bezitten de noodzakelijke kennis voor de ontwikkeling, fabricage en plaatsing van installaties aan boord van visserijschepen en zijn op dat gebied marktleider. In nauwe samenwerking met onze klanten ontwerpen en ontwikkelen wij verwerkingseenheden voor schelpdieren, vanaf concept tot aan fabricage en van “turn key” installatie tot aan inbedrijfstelling. Ook optimaliseren wij bestaande installaties.

Chr. Muller Touw bv is a producer of rope and cord for fishing, aquaculture, agriculture, livestock and industry. For aquaculture, the program consists of, among other things, longlines made of aqua steel, mussel ropes and other rope products, such as mooring lines. For aquaculture, our products are distributed by Machinefabriek Bakker from Yerseke

Stand 2: BST

BST Oyster Supplies have developed and marketed an innovative range of products that suit a new system of growing oysters, called the Adjustable Longline System.

Stand 3: Navalu 

Navalu is a French aluminium shipbuilder based on the West coast of France in the Vendée. The company is specialised in custom-made vessels for aquaculture and marine services with a boatyard enabling production of vessels up to 33m. Navalu has a wide range of products available, from shellfish barges (can be tailored with crane, wheels, hydraulic pole etc) to mussel harvesters. The company also delivers special products like amphibious barges (for mussel or oyster farming) and amphibious rubber track « Navtrack » (for cleaning parks and/or towing trailers in muddy area).

Stand 4: Yad Marine 

YAD Marine from Carnac, France, is a major actor in the Shellfish Farming and Aquaculture Industry in Europe since 2003. In continuous research, development and innovation we offer premium and specialized equipment to optimize farming breeding systems. For many years we deliver  rubber bands, hooks, booster spacers for oyster bags and caged bags.

Stand 5: GEM Plastics 

GEM PLASTICS was founded in 1988 in Cavan, Ireland as a division of the lubricants distribution company GEM OILS. Since then, GEM PLASTICS has developed and expanded its range of blow moulded HDPE Drums, Jerricans and its services. Prominent amongst these items, is its innovative Mussel Float that’s been developed in collaboration with the Irish Mussel Farmers and The Irish Fisheries Board for use in the cultivation and harvesting of mussels. The float is made in three sizes by the extrusion blow moulded process, using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) giving it strength and guaranteeing a long working life. The premier colour of manufacture is “Grey” and helps it blend in with its natural surrounding environment.

Stand 6: Franken

Franken is manufacturer for the shellfish and crustaceans sector. We produce machines, parts and processing lines,  and provide information technology and robotics. In our booth we will show innovative devices for debyssing including the ‘vita-plus’ water bath treatment. We also present water purification technology to reduce biotoxins and improve conditioning of shellfish. We will present our portfolio for seeding, socking, harvesting, cleaning, processing, including robotics.

Stand 7: poster presentation

Stand 8: Finsulate

The growth of underwater organisms (fouling) is traditionally counteracted by antifouling paint with toxic substances, biocides and/or heavy metals. The result is a pollution of the water. Finsulate is an environmentally friendly, sustainable and effective alternative to these paints and has proven itself in shipping and aquaculture in recent years. The foil with small spikes ensures that the growth cannot or hardly adhere to the underwater surface. Should that happen (after being stationary for a long time, for example), the object or ship can be cleaned well and easily under or above water. Without burdening the environment.

Stand 9:  EOC Scheepsverzekeringen

EOC shipping insurance is a shipping insurance company that has a history of 180 years. It is a merge of Oranje shipping insurance and EFM. We have specialized in near shore and inland shipping.

Stand 10: De Nyverheid

De Nyverheid, the connection between Dutch-speaking and French-speaking companies. Ineke Nijssen is specialised in the shellfish sector, offers professional support to companies in the form of:

  • To lead conversations and strengthen contacts between French- and Dutch speaking companies
  • to acquire new customers/contacts

Stand 11: Marinove

We raise shellfish. Thanks to our experience and our know-how, we produce cupped oyster spats, flat oyster spats, and clam spats. Dedicated to both the quality of the shellfish and the quality of the relationship, Marinove is geared towards the responsible development of shellfish farming. Based at the heart of an exceptional natural site and close to our customers, we strive to be innovative, whilst at the same time respecting our customer’s traditions.

Stand 12: JFC Group

JFC Marine supplies a range of production solutions for the Aquaculture sector. Our pioneering mussel floats are ideal for inshore and offshore locations and are proven in the most demanding conditions. The product offering also includes Purification Tanks, Hatchery Tanks, and Shrimp Grader Trays. In addition, we supply a complete range navigation aids for the safe marking of your aquaculture farm.

Stand 13: Damen Maaskant

Many fishermen around the world have placed their trust in Damen Maaskant Shipyards over the past 74 years. A yard you can rely on and specialized in new construction, maintenance, repair and conversion of ships for the fishing and work vessel sector. The recent merger of Damen Maaskant Shipyards and the Damen Fishing Product Group allows us to join forces in the field of fishing technical knowledge and strengthen and broaden our markets.

Our story begins in 1948. Then Piet Maaskant and his sons opened a repair yard for the mussel and shrimp fleets that fished from Bruinisse on the Dutch North Sea coast. From the beginning, we have had the ambition to develop our services to exceed the expectations of our customers. Aware of our heritage, this is a philosophy that continues to guide us today. Today, we remain at the heart of our fishing community, supported by an extensive, professional local supply chain and by our skilled employees, many of whom are second or even third generations of their are family who work in our yard.

The uncompromising choice for quality, service and partnership with our customers are frequently mentioned characteristics of our family business. We are determined to maintain these characteristics in the coming years and to give them further substance. Our goal is to become a leader in the development and production of innovative and sustainable vessels for growing, harvesting and capturing food from the sea. In this way we want to secure the future of our industry for generations to come.

That is why we want to focus on supplying sustainable and future-proof fishing vessels that enable fishermen to exercise their profession with maximum efficiency, using their own capacities; from fishing to harvesting. By Maaskant’s standards, this means that we want to supplement our current portfolio with ships that are even less harmful to the environment and will be equipped with the latest standards for comfort and working conditions.

Stand 14: Estrategy

We deliver innovative and user-friendly custom web and software solutions. A multidisciplinary team ensures lightning-fast switching and seamless integration into business operations.

Stand 15 en 16: Murre technologies / Optimum Sorting / Luciano Cocci /EasyFarm

Murre Technologies will show at the shellfish conference what solutions we offer for shellfish processing, from fishery (EasyFarm) to the entire process within a shellfish processing factory. The program has recently been expanded to include seaweed cultivation & processing. In combination with the various partners, Luciano Cocci, Optimum Sorting and EMYG, Murre Technologies hopes to show the total solution for every shellfish processing process.

Stand 17: Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman bv was a pioneer in the field of supplying materials for mussel hanging culture. We introduced, among other things, sock material from France and Spain and QE propagation rope from New Zealand. We were also one of the first to start supplying HMPE ropes, collaborating with leading manufacturers such as Timm Ropes from Norway. We are also an agent for Bridon fishing lines and importer of Greenline fishing gear hardware. For several years we have been working on the introduction of an innovative product Dyneema chain. 8x stronger than steel chain and 85% lighter. Available from 10 to 176 tons.

Stand 18: OOS Group B.V./ OOS International B.V. / OOS SMF B.V.

OOS SMF B.V., part of OOS International, is involved in the development of a semi-submersible unit for the cultivation of mussels in the North Sea. Mussels are traditionally grown in sheltered waters such as the Oosterschelde and Waddenzee. However, due to changes in natural conditions and regulations, the production of mussels has decreased. Growing mussels at sea is a solution to maintain and/or increase production. By applying “green” technologies such as solar, wind and tidal energy, OOS also strives to grow the mussels without CO2 emissions.

OOS will start a pilot next year and based on the results of this pilot, a definitive (semi-submersible) unit will be developed and put into production for mussel farmers. OOS wants to use its technical knowledge in the field of offshore technology to create an innovative solution for the mussel sector and growers.

Stand 19: France Naissain

Crassostrea Gigas spat & part-grown oysters producer France Naissain is committed to sustainable oyster farming. Our goal is to make sure that future generations also get the opportunity to taste quality oysters produced with passion.

Stand 20: LNV/EMVAF

Do you work in the aquaculture sector? Then you may be able to apply for a grant from the European Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF). With the EMFAF, the Netherlands implements the European Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) and the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The fund runs from 2021 to 2027. RVO and LNV will be present at the fair on Thursday afternoon to provide you with more information about this fund.

Stand 21: Roem van Yerseke hatchery

Roem van Yerseke B.V. is a family company established in 1942 in Yerseke, the Netherlands. We have grown into Europe’s largest seafood processor, with production facilities in Holland and Germany. Over more than 75 years we have successfully been breeding and harvesting mussels, shrimps and oysters.

Roem van Yerseke has already carried out many years of ongoing research into the cultivation and propagation of crustaceans and molluscs, both on land and in the wild. For this reason, we developed a unique hatchery for young shellfish in 2005.

Stand 22: Zapco Aquaculture

In response to the needs of oyster growers around the world requiring a more efficient method to grow oysters, Zapco Aquaculture created the first cost-effective commercially available floating mesh bag system designed for farming of single seeded oysters.
The Zapco Aquaculture system reduces set up and ongoing labor costs, increases oyster growth rates, reduces over catch and it also promotes consistent uniform oyster shape which all leads to increased profitability for growers.
In addition to increasing profitability the system reduces environmental impact resulting in a more sustainable growing and farming process.
During the trade show a complete range of proven tested and purpose designed products are showed.

Stand 23: van Lanschot

Van Lanschot is the oldest independent private bank in the Netherlands. Our mission is to guide our clients in maintaining and building their wealth. We are your personal and committed advisor. With refreshing ideas and solutions that seamlessly meet your needs, your assets are in good hands with us.
We advise you on your investments and offer attractive financing options. Are you looking for customization and personal contact? Then we are your partner.

Stand 24: Kramer machines / QE

Kramer Machines is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing stainless steel machines and installations for the fishing industry, the fish processing industry and the agricultural industry at home and abroad. We supply machines for storing, transporting, cleaning, sorting, weighing, cooking, cooling and packaging of fish, crustaceans and shellfish. Kramer machines will present its delivery program for shellfish processing and seed mussel collecting installations.

The Quality Equipment Group of Companies was founded in 1969 to help the local inshore commercial fishing industry and newly developing aquaculture industry.  QE rope manufacturer and supplier of rope culture farming systems will present its products and new innovations.

Stand 25: Société Atlantique de Mariculture (SATMAR)

Mollusc hatcheries, which began on the other side of the Atlantic in the late 1960s, arrived in France in 1972. Although the techniques used have evolved considerably since then, the aim has remained the same: to provide shellfish farmers and their customers with high-quality spat while controlling natural risks.

Stand 26: MSC

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international non-profit organization that manages a standard and ecolabel for sustainable seafood and seaweed. MSC fosters a global movement to protect food security, livelihoods and biodiversity.

Shellfish play an important role in the MSC program; during the conference we will share insights and best practices from across the world. We also look forward to discussing how the MSC-ecolabel can help consumers choose sustainable shellfish.

Stand: Craeghs Consultancy

The shellfish sector is in constant development. The realisation of sustainable business concepts is stimulated by the Dutch government and EU. Millions of Euros have been made available to encourage projects and innovations that are beneficial to the sector. Craeghs is your partner to find and qualify for these innovation subsidies. 

With over two decades of experience in the shellfish sector, we have supervised more than 150 successful subsidy projects for many oyster and mussel companies! These projects have resulted in significant benefits for the companies involved. We can also help you find and qualify for these subsidies; helping your company grow towards a more profitable and sustainable future! 

Craeghs is familiar with the multitude of subsidy programs and agencies in the shellfish sector. Our understanding of the sector itself making us an ideal partner to help you achieve your company’s innovation potential. Is your innovation idea not fully hatched yet? Our knowledge of the sector helps us brainstorm with you about possible directions and which subsidies are available for you. 

Interested? Come to understand to see which subsidy opportunities are available for you, how we can help you achieve the highest potential of your innovation ideas!