Dr. Ir. Bert Groenendaal

SpecialityIndependent consultant aquaculture & R&D project coordinator at SIOEN Industries NV (Belgium); bert.groenendaal@telenet.be

Bert Groenendaal obtained his PhD in polymer chemistry in 1996 at the Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands). After a postdoctoral fellowship (1997) at the University of California at Berkeley he moved to industry (Bayer AG and Agfa-Gevaert NV, resp.) Since 2008 Bert is active at SIOEN Industries NV as coordinator of external R&D projects (Flemish and European). In this position he coordinated the development of a Flemish roadmap for integrated aquaculture, and was one of the initiators of numerous aquaculture related projects in Flanders and Europe. In 2015 Bert was one of the founders of ATSEA Technologies/ATSEA Nova, a young high-tech company selling turnkey seaweed farms across the world. Since 2019 Bert is also an independent consultant, supporting small, medium and large companies in (integrated) aquaculture projects.

Titel: Geïntegreerde aquacultuur in de Noordzee



Van maart 2017 tot september 2019 vond in Vlaanderen het project Value@Sea plaats. Dit project onderzocht de technische en economische haalbaarheid van geïntegreerde aquacultuur, bestaande uit de kweek van zeewier, oesters en St-Jacobsschelpen, in het Belgisch deel van de Noordzee. Tijdens deze presentatie zal een korte uiteenzetting worden gegeven van de resultaten van dit project, inclusief de voornaamste lessons learnt.