Geert Hoekstra


Geert Hoekstra MSc has a passion for seafood by discovering on a daily basis how and why markets function behind numbers and data. He has been an economic researcher for seafood (fisheries and aquaculture), markets and value chain(s) at Wageningen Economic Research (former LEI) since 2018. Geert studied Business Administration (BSc) with a master’s degree in Marketing (MSc). He is part-time involved in the Dutch maritime MBO school ROC Friese Poort in the role of practor (lector in mbo)

Life cycle analysis Dutch shellfish farming and real price (true pricing)

One method to measure the inputs and outputs of production processes is life cycle analysis (LCA) translated as life cycle analysis. With LCA you assess, expressed in a number or score, the environmental impact of a food product during the entire life cycle. An LCA can also identify areas for improvement within a food chain. In addition, LCA data often serves as a basis for true pricing calculations. The hidden costs of negative side effects (true costs) for people and the environment are often not included in the prices of food products throughout the chain. Examples include environmental costs, such as CO2 emissions and the pressure on biodiversity, and social costs, such as health and working conditions. At the same time, there may also be hidden benefits (true value) with positive side effects for people and the environment. In the context of shellfish farming, these are ecosystem services. The goal of true pricing is to make all costs visible in the consumer price.

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